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tumblr made me think about a lot of things but mostly social justice and my eyebrows

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SBHS Students make lip dub for their ill principal

videos like this always make me feel so happy

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they’re meant for each other 

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Fifteen years ago today, on 14 April 1999, we witnessed one of the greatest ever goals

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"There’s a principle in game theory known as min-maxing, meaning that in any given system, behaviors will evolve that maximize gain for minimum effort. This means that a lot of thought has to be put in to bulletproofing a new system against min-maxing. Take the internet, for example. The designers of the internet thought it was going to be this wonderful open community. They were expecting it to be nothing but unicorns shitting rainbows. But in come the min-maxers with their spam, bot nets, and viruses."

I’m writing my essay on cyber-bullying right now

and there was this article that said “anon hate hurts us because when we read it, we don’t hear the attacker’s voice, we hear our own”

and that’s a really good observation.

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"I’m waiting for her bus to come. You know those things you took for granted when you were a kid? Like going on field trips and riding the bus? All those simple things make me nervous as a parent. I’m not off my guard until she’s in my arms. If she’s five minutes late, I start to get nervous."


"I’m having trouble dealing with society.""What aspect of society?""The whole thing."


"I’m having trouble dealing with society."
"What aspect of society?"
"The whole thing."

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Justice for the 96

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Portraits Of Boston Marathon survivors see runners returning to the finish line to look back. See more of these inspiring photos here. 

Photographer Robert X. Fogarty of Dear World, a message-on-skin photography project, prepared the portraits of the survivors.


The fact that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen are best friends in real life makes me so happy


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